We Can Provide the Following –

  • Provide all materials, tables and staff for set-up and sale.
  • Stage house accordingly for optimum visibility of the estate items.
  • Clean and prep items.
  • Research items of value (outside of normal household items) We have many years experience with collectibles and antiques. However, if our research leaves un-answered questions we will hire an appropriate appraiser independent at our own expensive.
  • Promote the sale to our to our exclusive email list of over 5000 buyers.
  • Promote on proper websites, place ads with local media, community centers, etc.
  • Post signs in neighborhood on days of sale. (Some cities do not allow signs during the work week, we do have human directional’s available to us if necessary)
  • Determine if there is a higher market for selected items. (If we determine we could maximize the sale of an item such as a piece of artwork, unique piece of furniture etc, we will contact you to discuss possibly selling item outside of sale to dealer, etc.)
  • Accept credit cards for purchases of $100 or more at no charge to you
  • Prepare inventory list and accounting of sold items within 10 days of sale and mail or Fed Ex (We have always had this done within 48 to 72 hours)
  • Per your request, handle donation of unsold items and provide a tax donation receipt
  • Other services available depending upon your needs

The Process –

 Once we have agreed to the timeline of setting up and conducting the sale we will go through the home and begin an inventory of all items. These items can be regular household items to collectible and antiques.

We ask that once we are at this stage that you and your family have already decided what you want to keep for yourself and remove from home. If there are larger items that cannot be removed prior to the sale we will need to be aware of this and item(s) will be marked not for sale and noted in our agreement.

 As we begin creating an inventory of the contents, our experienced team will note an odd items, collectibles and antiques that may need an appraisal done or additional research. With many years of experience with antiques and collectibles we can assure you that all measures are taken to price items accordingly.

  During this process if we come across any photographs, fine jewelry, cash or firearms we will contact you to see how you would like to handle them. Some families prefer to keep these items and we can set them aside for you. In the event that you do not want these items we can include them in the sale. (NOTE  Firearms will not be sold on site of the sale, we will contact licensed and reputable dealers off site to sell or contact the local law enforcement to pick up and furnish a receipt to you).

 Depending on size and contents of home, our process generally takes 2 – 3 days to set-up. We clean the home prior to the sale and stage items accordingly. Example  If home has many kitchen items  dishes, glasses, etc these items will all be taken out of cupboards and cleaned and displayed for easy viewing. If contents include fine china, collectible glassware etc, these items may be displayed on tables we provide.

Day(s) of sale –

We will begin advertising the sale 1 to 2 weeks in advance, alerting our email subscribers to the future sale. (Address of sale is not posted or communicated until 2 days prior to sale). Our goal is to sell 30 to 40% of the items the first day of sale. Our private list of collectors, dealers and shop owners coming the first day and reducing prices of items on the last day of sale. Typically sales are conducted Thursday, Friday, Saturday and an occasional Sunday from 9 am to pm

Our sales are very organized to ensure safety of all items, the home is limited to 10-15 people at once. As buyers leave others will be allowed to go in. We do this with a number system and regular estate sale shoppers are familiar with this system and arrive early to be the first to get in the door.

Our staff will be available in each room, area or yard as security measures as well as to answer questions.

We take pride in ensuring that you and your family’s home is treated with respect and care.

After the Sale –

Depending upon your needs, we offer many options which will be outlined in our contract if you chose to retain our services.

These options include but not limited to:

  • Packing up any unsold items and donating (The agreement between you and Family Estate Services will identify what you would like done with any remaining items. Many executors and individuals ask us to donate items and furnish receipts)
  • Cleaning premises  This could include complete cleaning of interior and exterior or just swept clean.
  • Landscape Services
  • Preparing home to go to market. (I am also a licensed real estate agent and understand the importance in preparing a home for the competitive market)
  • As noted in the agreement between you and Family Estate Services all items sold will be accounted for.Inventory of smaller items sold will be in category’s -(example everyday basic dishes, sold for $20. Fine China 72 pieces sold for $125.00)
  • All Furniture pieces will be individually noted with sold prices listed
  • Check and any donation receipts will be sent to you within 2 – 10 days of sale.